Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Trump's trip to join Giuliani at Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers' baseless voter fraud event is cancelled

President Donald Trump's planned trip to join his attorney Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday has been canceled, two sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Every time I hear "President-elect Biden" on the news, my day gets a booster shot of happiness. - Stephen King

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

We're only a couple of days away from Trump telling us he lost the election on purpose because he has a secret plan that's more important than being President. - Dknight10K tweet


Trump Reinstating Firing Squads In Frantic Attempt To Protect Reputation
The Trump administration is rushing to approve dozens of eleventh-hour policy changes. Among them: The Justice Department is fast-tracking a rule that could reintroduce firing squads and electrocutions to federal executions.

Sean Hannity spread lies & disinformation on FOX about Seth Rich.
And Covid-19.
And Charlottesville.
And Refugees.
And Obama's birth certificate.
And WMDs in Iraq.

And Diamond & Silk were fired by FOX for spreading lies & disinformation about Covid-19. - John Fugelsang



Republican Shenanigans

Last week, Mitch McConnell jammed through some judges without passing covid relief. Same thing the week before. And the week before that. - Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse


Sen David Perdue of Georgia Won't Be Reelected But Arrested, Is My Guess.

Shameful that Ted Cruz won't speak up to defend Democracy. It's not like we're asking him to defend his wife or father. - Scott Shapiro



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If you're going to a big Thanksgiving dinner, remember to take a Tupperware so you can have COVID for lunch the next day. - Conan O'Brien


Please. Please remember what Republicans are putting us through right now. We're gonna make excuses for them but we shouldn't. They are literally trying to overthrow an election. They would happily accept a win through appeals and loopholes. They are shameful. - Sarah Cooper

Rock The Voter News

I’m getting a weird vibe from all of Biden’s cabinet picks, like it’s as if they don’t want to kill me. - Randy Rainbow


In Like Flynn
Donald Trump plans to pardon his disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn before he leaves office, according to multiple media reports.

I would vastly prefer a third Obama term to a second Putin one. - Andy Borowitz



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Business/Tech News

Parler is an FBI honeypot, imo - can't imagine how much intel the agency is gathering from the crazies on there. Given Parler's infrastructure, I'm sure the feds have access to all their user data. - William LeGate


Nope. Nope. Nope.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade take place this year, despite cases of COVID-19 skyrocketing around the country.

Someone should tell the thousands and thousands of people in lines at food banks that the Dow hit 30,000. - Ben Wexler




Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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