Thursday, September 5, 2019


Meteorologists call out Trump after altered Alabama hurricane map
President Trump is getting heat from meteorologists over his assertion that Alabama was at risk of being hit by Hurricane Dorian.
Trump displayed a map at the White House that included a half circle, possibly made with a black Sharpie marker, that showed the hurricane possibly moving into Alabama. This followed Trump's assertion over the weekend that Alabama was in the path of the hurricane, which the National Weather Service said was not the case.

Anybody else starting to find Trump's hurricane cone reminiscent of Captain Queeg's strawberries? - Richard Tofel


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Hey guys call me crazy but I'm pretty sure that President Email Lady wouldn't be arguing with a map. - Jeff Tiedrich

Trump attacks meteorologists, who's next, sportscasters? - Tea Pain

"Just because you slept with someone named Stormy, it does not make you a weatherman."- Joy Behar


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Right now Donald Trump is watching cable news, seeing his terrible poll numbers, crossing them out with a Sharpie, and writing his own imaginary poll numbers on his TV screen. - Palmer Report

Can we Sharpie through the rest of the calendar days between now and Election Day 2020? - Crutnacker tweet


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Where's the fire extinguisher?!?



Whomever dresses Ivanka doesn't seem to like her very much 


Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral, and French national monument, located in the town of Clermont-Ferrand. It began construction in the 13th century, built entirely of black lava stone. And, no Trump did not sharpie this in.



  1. Please accept my donation on this wonderful day, your birthday. "All Hat, No Cattle" has been a reading staple for the past 18 years. You are a part of my family. I hope you peace and joy. Thoughts and Prayers are extra.


  2. Sadly, Trump never pays a serious price for his ridiculous lies because his supporters always think of themselves as being in on the con. They think his malice is always directed at someone else.