Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Drip drip SPLASH

CIA director alerted FBI to pattern of contacts between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates
The CIA alerted the FBI to a troubling pattern of contacts between Russian officials and associates of the Trump campaign last year, former agency director John Brennan testified on Tuesday, shedding new light on the origin of a criminal probe that now ...

The "smoking gun" in Watergate was the revelation that Nixon wanted to get the CIA director to intervene & shut down the FBI investigation. - Kevin M. Kruse, Historian

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Before you ask why Muslims didn't do more to stop  #Manchester, ask a random white male why he didn't stop Aurora, Sandy Hook or Charleston. - Steve Marmel

Bibi Netanyahu says if Manchester attacker had been Palestinian and victims had been Israeli, would have received a stipend from the Palestinian Authority. - Rosie Gray tweet, White House correspondent for The Atlantic

Every Which Way But Up For Trump
A Democratic Federal Election Commission member is urging the FEC to investigate whether Russian agents used Facebook to spread damaging stories about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential election

Trump May Want To Defect To Russia
Former CIA Director John Brennan told House Russia investigators Tuesday that Russia "brazenly interfered" in the US elections, including actively contacting members of President Donald Trump's campaign -- but he stopped shy of dubbing it "collusion."

Republican Shenanigans

Remaining Countries on Trump's Itinerary Say They'd Rather Wait a Month and Meet with Next President. - Andy Borowitz

Jeez, The Man Has Not One Drop Of Dignity And Bad Staff Preparation
The guest book entry provides an opportunity to contrast Trump's style with that of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who spent an hour at Yad Vashem and gave an emotional speech in 2013.

Always love it when Members of Congress say they disagree w/ intel community's analysis. Like having your plumber review your root canal. - Ned Price tweet


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Now, I don't know about you, but I've got a little extra pep in my step tonight because Donald Trump has left the country. Breathing a little easier. Federal judges, now would be a good time to reinstate that travel ban. - Stephen Colbert

Rock The Voter News

You know who didn't plead the 5th Amendment?
Hillary Clinton, cause she wasn't guilty of jack sh*t. - Vinay A. Ramesh

What the hell kind of
logo is that?

UUP: Utah United Party (It's Mostly GOP)
They May Want To Rename Their Party As It Immediately Reminded Me Of Peeing 
The Salt Lake Tribune) Jim Bennett, center, is helping to organize a new centrist party of disaffected Republicans and Democrats called the Utah United Party. Organizers as well as several former GOP and Democratic leaders announced ...

President Trump was given an official welcome ceremony in Saudi Arabia this weekend where he was greeted with an honorary collar. As opposed to Michael Flynn who could soon be presented with an honorary anklet. - Seth Myers


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Biz/Tech News

Trump: "Collusion with Russia is pure fiction and everyone I've asked to help me cover it up agrees with me." - Tea Pain

Who Crunched These Shifty Numbers? Bernie Madoff?
President Trump's budget includes simple accounting error that adds up to a $2 trillion oversight.
Under the proposed budget released Tuesday, the Trump Administration's proposed tax cuts would boost economic growth enough to pay for $1.3 trillion in spending by 2027. But the tax cuts are also supposed to be revenue-neutral, meaning that trillion dollars is already supposed to pay for the money lost from the tax cuts.

"Today, you have 100% of your life left." -  Tom Landry


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Let him in honey, he's bear footed!


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