Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A message from Lady Liberty

It’s France’s Turn to Worry About Election Meddling by Russia
The flagging, scandal-plagued presidential campaign of François Fillon — a former prime minister of France much liked by the Kremlin but not so much, it seems, by French voters — received a surprise lift late last month with a report that he had staged a remarkable recovery in opinion polls and was now leading the pack ahead of voting this Sunday.

REMINDER: what is happening in this country now is not normal. -  Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam Trump

Trump is so  close to getting us into World War 3. I will be SO PISSED if I live this long only to wind up NOT dying of natural causes! - Bette Midler

Trump Gives Kudos To The Death Of Turkish Democracy
President Trump phoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to congratulate him on winning a referendum that will grant the foreign leader broader powers, Erdoğan's office and the White House said Monday.

Pence went to South Korea to see firsthand how someone takes over for an impeached president. - Tea Pain

Trump's Naval Strategy?
If the USS Carl Vinson strike group is heading to the Korean peninsula, it is taking its time.
More than a week after reports first emerged that the aircraft carrier and its accompanying ships were headed toward the peninsula amid fears North Korea may conduct another nuclear test, Navy photos from Saturday show Vinson operating nearly 3,500 miles away, off Indonesia.

"We must prevent a madman like Kim Jong-un from using nuclear weapons," Trump said in an interview with Pot-Kettle Magazine. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Fox News: Muslims force women to cover their faces and that's bad.
Also Fox News: Our female reporters must all wear heels and mini skirts.

This is the most ethically-challenged White House in history: 
-No visitor logs
-No tax returns
-No blind trust
-No respect for ethics laws 
~ Robert Reich

Follow The Yuan
On April 6, Ivanka Trump's company won provisional approval from the Chinese government for three new trademarks, giving it monopoly rights to sell Ivanka brand jewelry, bags and spa services in the world's second-largest economy. That night, the first daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, sat next to the president of China and his wife for a steak and Dover sole dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

That awkward moment when Trump administration spends Easter weekend finalizing plans to deport guys named Jesus from our Christian nation. - Tea Party Cat

Erik Prince is the brother of the Christian Crusader
Betsy DeVos who heads the Dept of Education.
Trump Gets Advice From A Mercenary In Secret
In the very public, post-election parade of dignitaries, confidantes and job-seekers filing in and out of Donald Trump’s marquee Manhattan tower, Blackwater founder Erik Prince was largely out of sight. And yet Prince was very much a presence, providing advice to Trump’s inner circle, including his top national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, according to people familiar with his activities.

Thanks to Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, after years of struggle white people finally are finally getting a chance! - Andy Borowitz


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 Hard to know who's more dangerous, Kim Jong-un, who kills his relatives, or Trump, who employs them. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Bernie Could Accomplish More Bashing Democrats If He Was A Democrat. Just sayin'.
Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders gained roars of approval from a friendly crowd on Monday as he called for a radical transformation of the Democratic Party into a grassroots movement founded on the tenets of his unsuccessful Democratic presidential campaign: fighting against the billionaire class and rigged economic and political systems.

The trains in NYC are a mess.  Is Trump starving the city of Transportation money? Could we have back that money we have to pay for Melania? - Bette Midler

Both Trump and his son Baron didn't escort Melania down the stairs.


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Biz/Tech News

United Airlines removes one person from a plane and there is viral outrage; meanwhile, the US President wants to remove 10 million people from the country and millions of Republicans are down with that. - Andy Borowitz

Pence Tells South Korea They Hurt American Workers
Vice President Pence on Monday said the U.S. is not reaping the full benefits of trading with South Korea.
“We have to be honest about where our trade relationship is falling short,” he said in Seoul, according to pool reports. "Our businesses continue to face too many barriers to entry, which tilts the playing field against American workers.”

Here's a bit of musical humanity that brings a tear of joy.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

I can relate to this tiger's expression, it feels good.



  1. You are the best.. It's amazing what you come up with.. The drawback is that left wingers read left wing stuff and right wingers read right wing stuff. So this reasoned approach you have and are articulating doesn't get to the people that need to see it and read it. I'm just saying.. C. Saunders Los Angeles CA

  2. Donald Trump is taking the countries on the verge of war. His policies are not even in favour of USA leave alone other countries. This should be stopped.