Friday, February 10, 2017

I will post a new edition tomorrow.

I didn't want to shortchange your visit here completely.

Today was a day to run errands in Santa Cruz and it turned out to be a lovely day spent with friends along the way. A much needed  respite from Trump. By the way, every single person that I spoke to today thinks he is an idiot, and they brought it up, not me. To be totally accurate my amigos used the word loco frequently in one sentence.

I prayed that Trump would get a hangnail that would temporarily stop his tweeting.  I prayed  "Jesus Christ, he needs a bad hangnail!" Jesus didn't answer.

Keep the faith amigos. We outnumber them bigly.

I will set the scene for the photo below: I was standing under a tree on a street corner avoiding the searing sun today, when a dog plops herself in a puddle beside me. She began drinking out of the flower and leaf laced water with glee. Please click on the photo for a larger view.

Do-it-yourself Voodoo Doll. At this point I'd try just about anything.


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