Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy Saturday!

If the Electoral College overturns the election, it'll be a first, as it was a first in 2000 when Jeb asked the Supreme Court to make Florida stop counting their votes.

Not only would it be sweet revenge but it would save the USA from a pussy grabbing fascist who was ushered into office by the FBI and the Russians.

Possibly, the Electoral College may be a brilliant process. Let's imagine a winning candidate dies before the Electors vote, or is diagnosed with a terminal disease, or says and does outrageous things, such as offering aid and comfort to the enemy, namely Russia...oh, and is an admitted pussy grabber.

I came up with these 2 memes.

Can Hillary Clinton Still Win? Electoral College To Vote In December After Candidate Wins Popular Vote
Hillary Clinton supporters aren’t ready to give up hope. A petition created Wednesday wants the Electoral College to vote for the Democratic candidate instead of President-elect Donald Trump.

Hey, at the very least, it's worth a shot to sign the petition to stop this monster.

I saw this photo of a bluebird and thought: Hillary did get the most votes after all!

Peace is a state of mind at this point.