Thursday, December 29, 2016


New MSNBC Ad Campaign Frames Morning Joe as Place to Get Breaking Trump News
It looks like MSNBC is going to use the reputation of its flagship morning program as being extremely cozy with the incoming POTUS as a selling point.
A new ad campaign by the network is framing Morning Joe, hosted by Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, as the place to get breaking news as it relates to Donald Trump’s administration.

Remember when we all thought the internet was awesome because it gave everyone a voice? haha good times - goldengateblond

So true, but I'm back.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

4 out of 5 anonymous Twitter trolls say taking a break from online hate for Christmas is a sign of weakness. - John Fugelsang

China Erects Trump Statue
What do you get when you cross the year of the rooster with the year of Trump?
A "yuge" statue.
A giant rooster sculpture, sporting the President-elect's signature hairdo and hand gestures, has been erected outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan, in China's northern Shanxi Province.

Donald Trump is Jesus to American followers of Jesus who've totally rejected the teachings of Jesus. - John Fugelsang

Meanwhile, Back At The White House Where Adults Are Occupying It Till January 20
The Obama administration is preparing to announce, as soon as Thursday, a series of retaliation measures against Russia for meddling in the US election, according to American officials briefed on the plans.

Republican Shenanigans

Hey don't tell the White Genocide folk but Planet Earth is proof that God really really really believes in Multiculturalism.- John Fugelsang

Trump Pats Own Back
Donald Trump's tweeting has spurred a new hashtag after the President-elect thanked himself in the third person for recent improvements in the economy.

Historians studying photographs from four decades ago have come to the conclusion that the U.S. must have believed in science at some point.- Andy Borowitz


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If he had been allowed to run again, Obama would have beaten Trump by seventy IQ points. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Trump Can't Wait To Do This
A Kazakh man was given a 3-year sentence in a penal colony after he was found guilty of insulting Russian President Vladimir Putin on Facebook. 


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Biz/Tech News

Trump to Cancel Agreement Between Subjects and Verbs - Andy Borowitz
What Is Going On In Silicon Valley?
The cost of living in northern California is so high that children headed to school the next day must spend their nights struggling to find a place to sleep. That’s because one-third of Silicon Valley’s schoolchildren are homeless.

I wish to apologize to Trump supporters who were offended by my posting earlier tonight that Obama created 15 million jobs. I should have included a warning on the post indicating that it contained math.- Andy Borowitz

It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternate universe and is populating it selectively one-by-one. - Miss Texas 1967

A Drone Mothership?
Amazon has been awarded a patent for a giant flying warehouse that acts as a launchpad for drones to deliver items within minutes.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Mount Hood, Oregon kissing the clouds.


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  1. Did you notice how Trump surrendered to the Russians without a shot fired. Can we call him a surrender monkey now?