Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Obama on FBI: 'We don't operate on innuendo'
President Obama briefly addressed the FBI's reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton's email practices for the first time, saying in an interview posted Wednesday that the agency does not “operate on innuendo" and emphasizing that there is no ...

I don’t see why ordinary citizens are allowed to vote when we could just as easily let the FBI just decide who the president should be.- Tea Party Cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Hey GOPs
I insult POWS & Gold Star parents
Lied about raising $6 million for vets
5 deferments to avoid Nam
And you gimme your $
Bwah ha ha.
. John Fugelsang

Trump may need amnesty.

Moscow Shuts Down Amnesty International
Authorities in Moscow have sealed the offices of the rights watchdog Amnesty International...Sergei Nikitin wrote on Facebook that he and his colleagues were not able to enter their offices on November 2, saying the main door to the building was broken and that the locks on other doors had been changed.

I just hope that none of these newly found emails contain Donald Trump’s tax returns, or this really could be something new and important! - Tea Party Cat

I'm nostalgic for the days when the FBI and the Russians weren't on the same side. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

If you back Trump for president, you've already made the argument that you'd rather wreck the country than let Democrats govern. - LOLGOP

When Trump Loses, These Guys Are Taking Over With Their Guns
wn a Georgia country road, camouflaged members of the Three Percent Security Force have mobilized for rifle practice, hand-to-hand combat training — and an impromptu campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump...“We’ve building up for this, just like the Marines,” he said. “We are going to really train harder and try to increase our operational capabilities in the event that this is the day that we hoped would never come.”

Trump could have used his rallies to build an army of door knockers. Instead they're mostly a way for dudes to yell at reporters in person.- LOLGOP


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They say if Trump gets elected, it'll change the electoral map forever, mainly because Trump will sell the blue states to Russia. - Tea Pain

Trump: I grab them in the pussy!

Women: He grabbed me in the pussy!

GOP: The women are lying!! - Tina Dupuy

Rock The Voter News

 "I’m here vouching for Mrs. Clinton and I think it’s high time somebody did." - Bill Weld, Libertarian VP nominee

Inspired By Trump
A black church in Mississippi was burned and spray-painted with "Vote Trump" and authorities said on Wednesday they were probing the incident as a hate crime committed one week before the U.S. presidential election

Comey Says FBI Investigating Hillary's Ties to Bill Clinton. - Andy Borowitz


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Trump won’t release his taxes before election. And he was never hacked! Weird, when you know his password is probably just “Pu55y.” - Bette Midler

Biz/Tech News

If you think going to a Trump rally is frightening now, just wait until it becomes mandatory.- Warren Holstein

Obama And The Pipeline
President Obama addressed the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy for the second time Tuesday, saying his administration is looking for way to reroute the pipeline. 

The FBI offered no specifics about their ongoing investigation of George Clinton, the founder of Parliament-Funkadelic. - Andy Borowitz


Darn. 3 days until $105 worth of bills are due.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

I would love to shop for fruit and vegetables this way.


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