Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump's Sniffling Continues: Here Are The Possible Causes

Donald Trump's Sniffling Continues: Here Are The Possible Causes
Looks like a change in microphone hasn’t changed Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s frequent sniffling. As you may have heard, Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and most importantly in this context medical doctor, mentioned cocaine in the following Tweet

If your "cold" last for two or more debates, be sure to call your dealer…er…doctor. — Tea Pain

Donald Trump has successfully changed the conversation from his history as a sexual predator to his plans to imprison political opponents like a totalitarian dictator.- Andy Borowitz

The Intimidator
A body language expert said she was worried that Donald Trump might physically assault Hillary Clinton during Sunday night’s presidential debate.
Janine Driver — a former investigator with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — said Trump loomed and lurked behind Clinton in response to her power move.

Republican Shenanigans

In contrast with Trump, who says he would jail Hillary, Clinton says if she is elected she will make sure Trump "gets the help he needs."- Andy Borowitz

Do You Think The Investigations Of Hillary Were Numerous? Ha! Unleash The Lawyers!
Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred said this week that women have begun contacting her with allegations that they were sexually harassed or abused by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.


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North Carolina Is In Shambles
Matthew's wrath is finally over, but its devastation keeps growing and rescue crews stayed busy.
The storm's US death toll climbed to 21 on Monday, with North Carolina reporting 11 deaths, Florida reporting four, and three each in South Carolina and Georgia.


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Immigrants R Us
All six Americans who brought home Nobel Prizes this year were born outside the US

A Day In The Life Of AHNC

Mea culpa for the short issue today.

Life here in Costa Rica isn't what you gringos are used to, it takes a slightly different direction -- one of seizing the moment.

My "daughter", Yerlin needed to go to Santa Cruz today, very important, so I offered to take her since I still have use of a car. Otherwise she would have to drive her motorcycle.

I also needed to just get out and mix with people. And Chinese food. Yes, Chinese food.

So, just as we are entering Santa Cruz -- there is my estranged husband who I have not laid eyes on for three years. He was walking down the main street sidewalk. I scrunched down in my seat for fear that he would see me. Yerlin was hooting and howling and said, "Maybe we should offer him a ride back to Junquillal."

 Ay yi yi.

Anyway, Yerlin had success dealing with her problems after several visits to several different places. After that was over, we were totally famished. I turned to Yerlin and said, I need Chinese food!

We bolted to the Oriente, my latest fav Chinese restaurant. As usual, I took a doggy bag home, they serve too much food for me. BTW, I had 15 medium sized fried shrimp a la Milanese, with salad and potatoes for about 5,200 colones or around $9 USD. That is two meals for me.The waitress knows me so well, she even remembered my order right down to my drink, Pepsi.

Pura vida or pure life.



Time To Deflate Photo
Perfect timing.


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