Monday, September 5, 2016

What were they thinking?

Millennial Outreach Photo from Trump Children Gets Instant Twitter Mockery
This is apparently what counts for millennial outreach now...

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Explain how "patriot" once meant "loves America" & not "angry guy w/bald eagle fetish who hates lots of Americans."- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Hopes for a positive G20 summit crumbled today as President Obama blurted to Russia’s Vladimir Putin at a joint press appearance, “Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass.” - Andy Borowitz

Women In Iran Are Treated Much Worse  Than Women In The USA
Iran's state TV says police have shut down more than 800 clothing stores across the country for selling "unconventional and inappropriate" attire — believed to mean Western-style outfits and women's clothing that doesn't meet strict Islamic requirements.

“The Cong were after me,” Trump said, “and then, just in the nick of time, I got my deferment.” - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

It's literally a bigger scandal that the Clintons saved AIDS patients than it is that Pence created an HIV outbreak.- LOLGOP

Gee, Will Trump Flip Flop On This?
Donald Trump said Monday that only a natural disaster could stop him from facing Hillary Clinton in all three presidential debates.

60 yrs ago we had Eisenhower, the last GOP POTUS to balance a budget w/a surplus.  How was that GOP different? - John Fugelsang

Donald Trump said if he’s elected, he will employ a "deportation task force." It’s not really necessary, because if he’s elected most people will probably leave voluntarily.- Conan O'Brien


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Trump campaign is apparently citing a @FiveThirtyEight poll showing him ahead in Ohio. There isn't one—we don't do our own horse race polls. - Nate Silver Tweet

Bernie Spanks Fox News
Bernie Sanders lashed out at Fox News at a rally Monday, describing the TV network as the last place that still debates the science of climate change.

Rock The Voter News

Tim Kaine's Appreciation Of Labor
Growing up, I spent my weekends and summers surrounded by drills, punches, lathes, and welding rigs.
My dad owned a union-organized ironworking shop in the Kansas City stockyards for 25 years. In a good year, Dad had 10 to 12 employees. In a tough year, maybe just five, plus my mother — his best saleswoman — my two brothers, and me.

Actually, this year the GOP is forcing millions of Americans to support HRC who otherwise wouldn't. Well done.- John Fugelsang


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Biz/Tech News

Buy Marijuana Stocks!
More people in the United States are using marijuana than ever before, a new study finds, as the perception of smoking pot is changing among Americans. More than 13 percent of adults of 500,000 surveyed in 2014 said they had used cannabis in the previous year, up from close to 10 percent in 2002, the study published Wednesday in The Lancet Psychiatry stated.

So the US is an uninhabitable hell-hole that millions are swarming over the border to get into? OK, that makes sense.- Andy Borowitz


I gladly labored for you on Labor Day! :)

Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Aerial view of Longleat Maze in England. They'd never find me because I'd be so lost!


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