Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump "University"


Donald Trump blames Trump University legal woes on ‘hostile’ judge who ‘happens to be Spanish’
Coming under increasing fire over allegations that Trump University was a scam, 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump dismissed accusations of improprieties on Saturday by stating the judge overseeing the case is “hostile’ towards him while noting the judge also happens to be “Spanish.”

When people who are supposedly running for President repeatedly shout, "Shut up, let me talk," we know we're not exactly in Lincoln-Douglas territory. ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

So How Is Conservatism Working Out?
Thousands of Poles chanting "We will defend democracy!" and "Lech Walesa!" are rallying in Warsaw to protest moves by Poland's three-month old conservative government that they say undermine... 

The GOP establishment is supporting Rubio. The comedy establishment is supporting Trump. - John Fugelsng

Republican Shenanigans

It's an open question whether Trump should be audited, but he definitely should be medicated. - Andy Borowitz

Hillary Snyder Gets Nailed By Emails
Top advisers for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) asked the state to switch Flint, Mich.’s water supply back to Detroit’s water system as early as October 2014, emails show.
Snyder’s environmental policy adviser, Valerie Brader, asked the governor’s office to make the switch on Oct. 14, 2014, after General Motors said it would stop using Flint’s corrosive river water.

For years the world has viewed most Americans as selfish xenophobic morons.  Donald Trump is here to finally provide an accurate headcount. - John Fugelsang

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Trump Claims He Knows Nothing About KKK
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday refused to distance himself from the Ku Klux Klan and former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke because he said that he wanted to “do research” on the groups supporting him.

So Republicans have a candidate who blasted the pope but suddenly gets super polite about the feelings of white supremacists. - LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

A woman in Oregon has opened a business selling homemade weed pipes with Bernie's campaign logo on them. Weed pipes are the perfect gift for Bernie supporters. It's like getting a nice bottle of wine for a Hillary supporter, or getting somebody who wants to vote for Ted Cruz a machine gun made out of Bibles.- James Corden

BREAKING: New York Times demands transcript of everything Hillary Clinton has ever said to anyone since she was born. Or else.- Tea Party Cat

Cruz Plays The Mafia Card
Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz suggested that 2016 GOP presidential rival Donald Trump was reluctant to release his tax returns because he may be doing business with the mob.

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In a new interview, Donald Trump's wife, Melania, said that she speaks English, Italian, French, and German. Which is good 'cause if she ever becomes first lady she'll need to apologize for her husband in at least those four languages.- Jimmy Fallon

Business/Tech News

President Obama posted on LinkedIn today about his first job scooping ice cream. He’s the first president to post on LinkedIn — other than, of course, Abraham LinkedIn.- Seth Myers

The Latest Trump Related Bankruptcy
The name on the side of the building still says "Trump," but Atlantic City's Taj Mahal casino is now owned by a different billionaire — Carl Icahn.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” ― Cesar A. Cruz


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