Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Protect Public Land


Federal agents block off occupied Oregon refuge after leaders arrested, one killed in shootout
Federal agents on Wednesday sealed off an Oregon wildlife refuge occupied by armed protesters, hours after authorities arrested several members of that group and killed one of the most prominent occupiers.

Ammon Bundy and his ilk have hated the federal government ever since they told them they can no longer own people.- Tina Dupuy


The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

I just realized that when these Bundy guys are convicted of felonies they can no longer own guns because sometimes everything is great.- Alex Halpern

Homeless Used As Targets?
 Two people were killed and three others wounded as shooting erupted Tuesday night at a Seattle homeless encampment known as 'The Jungle,' officials said...Assistant Seattle Police Chief Bob Merner said at a news conference the victims lived at the encampment. He said of the shooting that police "have reason to believe it was very targeted."

But we should note that even the Republican frontrunner thinks Fox News is biased. So there's at least one thing we all agree on. - LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump got endorsed by Sarah Palin and the next thing you know he's dropping out of something. - OhNoSheTwitnt

Let The Games Begin!
Fox News is firing back at Donald Trump for the Republican presidential front-runner’s decision to skip Thursday night’s debate, accusing Trump’s campaign manager of threatening anchor Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly needs to just moderate a debate where the candidates all fight in a steel cage while wearing Reagan masks.- John Fugelsang

Trump isn't threatened by Megyn Kelly because she's a woman. He's threatened because she's attractive and dared to contradict him in public.- Warren Holstein

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Planned Parenthood Fake Videographers To Speak Today 
The attorneys for the anti-abortion activists indicted for their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood are expected to speak about the charges Wednesday afternoon.

Rock The Voter News

The latest CBS poll has Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton by 1 percent in Iowa, though another poll has Hillary beating Bernie Sanders with a folding chair.- Seth Myers

Duck, Donald!
Police in Iowa have arrested a man accused of throwing tomatoes at GOP front runner Donald Trump at a Tuesday night rally, the Des Moines Register reports.

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Winter storm Jonas slammed the East Coast, some places got up to 3 feet of snow, and more than 12,000 flights were canceled. After a really warm December, this was kind of a relief. Climate change has not ended winter, it just packed the whole damn thing into one weekend. - Stephen Colbert

I hope Megyn Kelly isn't recruited by ISIS. President Trump will be hiding under his desk in the Oval Office while she destroys America!- Mrs. Betty Bowers

Business/Tech News

Shonda Rhimes is set to executive produce a show on ABC that picks up at the end of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." So I guess no one at ABC read the end of "Romeo and Juliet."- Jimmy Fallon

Boeing Keeps A Low Profile 
This week’s CAPA Iran Aviation Summit was the first international conference held in Tehran since the lifting of nuclear sanctions on January 16th. As noteworthy as the long list of western attendees, however, was the one all-important delegation that failed to turn up. Boeing BA, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and potentially one of the prime beneficiaries of a revivified Iranian economy, failed to make an appearance.

Humans used to think the Earth was flat. Then they got smarter. Now the idiots think the Earth is flat again.
Time is a flat circle. - The Good God Above


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