Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Donald Trump's spokeswoman threatens to 'wear a fetus' after facing criticism for bullet jewelry


Donald Trump's spokeswoman threatens to 'wear a fetus' after facing criticism for bullet jewelry
Donald Trump's spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, faced blistering criticism for wearing a rather interesting statement piece during an interview with CNN

OK, did Trump choose his spokeswoman right out of Central Casting for the Mafia Wives? She probably bites the bullet necklace when not wearing it.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Women in combat, free abortions, gun control, gay rights, universal hc - at least the GOP doesn't mind when Israel does it.- John Fugelsang

GOP Ad Approach Royally Backfired
A new study shows that negative ads targeting President Obama in 2008 depicted him with very dark skin, and that these images would have appealed to some viewers’ racial biases.

Audit The Department Of Defense, Contractors Wasting Money While Soldiers Are On Food Stamps. - Bernie Sanders

Republican Shenanigans

Let's all just agree that we're better off with Marco Rubio and Chris Christie not actually doing their jobs.- LOLGOP

Jeb and a pork chop.

Jeb Cancels Iowa TV Ads
Jeb Bush's campaign is canceling its Iowa television advertising buy and shifting money to double staff on the ground in January, the final month before the high-stakes Iowa caucuses.

Affluenza is unfortunately incurable. But many victims have expressed they enjoy some relief by donating to Jeb Bush's campaign.- LOLGOP

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More Depressing Weather News From NASA
A strengthening El Niño in the Pacific is set to wreak “weather chaos" in the United States next year, NASA climate scientists are warning.
The current El Niño, a weather pattern characterized by high sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, is already growing into one of the strongest on record. NASA warned this week that its effects in the U.S. are expected to kick in early in 2016.

Everybody knows its the climate scientists who really run politics with their fat middle class salaries and previously owned Camrys.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

While The GOP Is Busy Trying To Take Away Healthcare, Hillary Is Doing The Opposite
Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign launched a new radio ad in Iowa, emphasizing that the former secretary of State will “stand up” to her GOP rivals and support Medicaid expansion and women’s health facilities. 

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Thanks Obama!
The top 400 U.S. taxpayers in 2013 faced their highest average tax rate since the 1990s, the result of policies implemented by the Obama administration that reversed a decades long trend toward lower tax burdens for the wealthiest Americans.

If you have to 'open carry' something, may I suggest a brain? - Jeff Tiedrich



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