Thursday, November 12, 2015


Lights out.

Yesterday the power was turned off because the bill wasn't paid by the owner. My friend convinced the power company to turn the power back on by 4pm. They did!

Then the power was so low only a few things would work.  Everything in the freezer was melted and only 2 outlets worked for power when I awoke early this morning.

At 10am I called my friend and asked her to bring ice to save some of my food! Not a half hour later the power comes back on and my friend arrives. She looks at me and says, "I think I found the problem of your power depletion, the breaker on the street was not fully snapped into place by the electric company when they turned the power back on, it was sparking." Ay yi yi.

So almost 24 hours later a girl solves the problem!

I have been dealing with all the repercussions from this and was just able to get online and post this notice.

I will have a new edition tomorrow BAR ANY OTHER electrical disturbances! ZZZZap!

Life in Costa Rica is pura vida.

Not to leave you empty handed...a few toons to make you smile and possibly frown.

Time To Deflate Photo

I don't know why I love turquoise waters and white sand but I do!


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  1. You should get a power inverter for your laptop. I have one that's 300w. I plug it into my truck. Cheep, $26.