Friday, October 2, 2015

More US Citizens Die Daily Than U.S. Soldiers


Oregon gunman in massacre had cache of 13 weapons, U.S. agent says
ROSEBURG, Ore. (Reuters) - The Oregon gunman who carried out an execution-style massacre at a college classroom had a cache of 13 weapons, body armor and ammunition, authorities said on Friday as they sought a motive for the bloodiest U.S. mass shooting this year.

Countries that don't have regular gun massacres obviously don't have violent movies and video games or mentally ill people.- John Fugelsang

I could probably address gun violence if I wasn't completely swamped trying to legislate your vagina.- Republican God

Imagine A Black Vet Trying To Deal With This Nonsense
What happens when a state with a tough voter ID law suddenly makes it much harder for minorities to get driver's licenses? We are about to find out in Alabama.
Facing a budget crisis, Alabama has shuttered 31 driver's license offices, many of them in counties with a high proportion of black residents. Coming after the state recently put into effect a tougher voter ID law, the closures will cut off access -- particularly for minorities -- to one of the few types of IDs accepted.

Heart Of Stone
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reportedly told a South Carolina crowd on Friday that gun control is not the answer to reducing gun deaths in the U.S. because "stuff happens."

Suppose it was a terrorist attack that killed 10 people in America and a politician said government can’t overreact cuz "stuff happens"- Sam Stein

Rope A Pope Fails
Pope Francis did not ask to meet a Kentucky county clerk who had been jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples and did not offer her unconditional support, the Vatican said on Friday.

People say Jeb Bush's affect and delivery are terrible. But let's be fair: his policies and beliefs are far worse.- LOLGOP

Jeb Bush: "Every life must be protected. Except from bullets."- The Daily Edge

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Hillary Must Be Shaking In Her Boots
…"The liberals like Hillary Clinton would have you believe all sorts of lies about my mother. But, behind closed doors, we find out all sorts of truths, including the fact that Hillary fears my mom's power," Bristol Palin added. "Maybe that's because she knows deep down that millions of Americans know that what my mom talks about in public is right and what Hillary pretends to stand for is wrong."

I read that after facing protests, Whole Foods announced that it will no longer sell food that has been prepared by prison inmates. Customers were like, “This is great news — wait, WHAT?!”- Jimmy Fallon



Thank you everyone!!! I am going laptop shopping tomorrow! Will Post Pics!


You Can Now Buy Marijuana Legally In Oregon
Or sign up for a cannabis yoga session. Or have a house-call vapor party. It's all here.

Time To Deflate Photo

Precious painting. I wish I could give credit to this unknown artist.


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