Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trump called breastfeeding mom 'disgusting'


Trump called breastfeeding mom 'disgusting'
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump once told a breastfeeding mother she was “disgusting” during a deposition in a real estate case, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Tom Cruise is here to promote the new "Mission: Impossible" movie, which I believe is all about Donald Trump's PR team.- Jimmy Fallon

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Blamed for Benghazi:
Hillary Clinton
President Obama
Anti-Muslim video

Not blamed for Benghazi:
Terrorists who attacked embassy. - Paul Solomon

Dentist Lion Killer Loves Mitt Romney
Walter Palmer, who Tuesday became America’s Most Hated Dentist™ when it was revealed he killed a beloved Zimbabwean lion for sport, turns out to be a generous spirit — when it came to supporting Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

I think today I'll shoot a lion, play with a vaginal probe, carry a gun into a coffee shop, call a black kid "thug", and vote Republican. - Barracks Obama Tweet

What Is Obama's PR Team Up To?
The fight over the Iran deal was already overheated—and August hasn’t even begun. Get ready for an Obamacare-level national ad campaign and activist onslaught in the days to come.

On one side: The self-annointed defenders of the Holy Land. On the other: the “Voice of God” and his buddy Jack Black.

Republican Shenanigans

Fox News was hacked, causing an unusual amount of real news reports to be released.- Paul Solomon

Fast Tracking To Stop Funding Planned Parenthood
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is fast-tracking a bill to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, after senators huddled in his office Tuesday to work out the details of a bill.

A CNN poll has Trump with 18 percent, ahead of Jeb Bush in second place with 15 percent. This is how we do things now. We find our spouses on "The Bachelorette" and our presidents on "The Apprentice."- Jimmy Kimmel

The Donald's Sons Shoot Big Game Too!
Cecil the lion certainly wasn't the first beautiful African creature slain by an American. Back in 2012, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump went big game hunting.

Donald Trump said this weekend that he is self-financing his campaign and is not beholden to donors and special interests. Or other nations. Or his party. Or the wealthy, or middle class, poor people, citizens or voters, humans, plants, animals…- Seth Myers

America's ranking in the world:
#1  Prisoners
#1  Gun ownership
#1  Killings by police
#1  Military spending
#94 Safest  countries

Rock The Voter News

GOOD NEWS: We now have enough Republican candidates to form an excellent chain-gang.- Andy Borowitz

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George Zimmerman's Parents Have Lawsuit Dismissed
A Florida judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the parents of George Zimmerman against comedian Roseanne Barr for causing emotional harm and violating their privacy.

Business/Tech News

This weekend I'm in North Carolina - where we can't trust a woman with her own uterus, but drunks can now bring guns into bars.- John Fugelsang

Congress To Take Month Long Paid Vacay!
Although the new Republican-dominated Congress can point to a number of bipartisan successes – including new fast-track Pacific Rim trade legislation and a long-overdue revision to Medicare’s reimbursement policies for doctors – a shocking array of must-pass fiscal and budget legislation will remain while lawmakers celebrate the month-long August holiday.

Snoop Dogg was arrested and released in Sweden this weekend on suspicion of using illegal drugs. Officials first became suspicious in 1991.- Seth Myers



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A bear watching the train go by or he's hiding from the Palin hunting party. This photo was taken from a train in between Seward, Alaska and Denali last month.


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