Friday, May 1, 2015

Just a short synopsis of my day

I feel like a million dollars after I fixed my laptop that went down last night.

The darn thing just shut down last night beeping. I tried to restart it and I would get a series of eight beeps… one beep, pause, 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause, and one beep, than nothing.

I thought the hell with it, I’m going to bed and maybe it will magically fix itself while I sleep..

This morning I got online with the purple tablet and started searching for a solution. I found that these series of beeps meant something. It meant that either my DIMM card needed to be replaced or my motherboard. Sigh.

I took a DIMM card from my old Toshiba that died in 2012 and replaced it. Sure enough my laptop starts up. Unfortunately it was in Spanish. I got back on my tablet and went to Google Translate and was able to reset my laptop to its original state.

Standing ovation, please!

On top of everything else, my landlord is moving some furniture into my apt. and they had to rearrange things. One is a wooden closet, which I need. So I have been busy dealing with that also.

I will be back online Monday with a fresh funny issue!

Deep apologies for any humor inconvenience and best wishes for a peaceful weekend.

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