Monday, March 2, 2015

Snowball's Chance In Hell

...Inhofe tried to make the case that global warming is fake because it is currently very cold. This is not even true. (It is unusually cold in the Eastern United States, but the planet on the whole is having an unusually warm year.) 

I always prefer scientists over politicians when it comes to science. But that's just me.

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

The GOP will worship a leader of a government with universal healthcare and government-funded abortions if he wants to bomb Iran hard enough. - LOLGOP

ISIS Threatens Twitter?
Twitter Inc and U.S. authorities are investigating alleged threats made by Islamic State militants against the social media network's co-founder and other employees, according to media reports.

The last time Netanyahu meddled in American politics like this we got President Romney.- LOLGOP

U.S. Jews Disagree With Netanyahu
Strong Jewish support for an Iran nuclear deal was a surprise finding of a poll of American Jews who voted Tuesday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned against any deal that leaves Iran with an enrichment program

I wonder if a bunch of people who still think Saddam was building nukes will be upset to find out Bill O'Reilly lied about another thing.- LOLGOP

Venezuela Says NO To Bush, Cheney & Other GOPers
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a new mandatory visa requirement for all Americans visiting the country. The leader also called to review and downsize the number of US embassy staff in Caracas....He added that former US President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and Republican Congress members Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Robert Menendez, and Marco Rubio will be denied visas into the country, labeling Bush and Cheney as “terrorists.”

Republican Shenanigans

'There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning.' - Warren Buffett

Undoing Obamacare
Republican fears are mounting over a Supreme Court case that the party has long hailed as its best chance to undo ObamaCare.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on a GOP-backed case that threatens to erase healthcare subsidies for 8 million people. The vast stakes are raising alarm among Republicans, particularly in the Senate, who increasingly fear a backlash at the polls if their party can’t find a fix.

...and we thank thee, Lord, for the comedic gift of hate-driven Twitter trolls who spell 'Moron' with an 'a.'- John Fugelsang

The difference between your guns and health insurance is someone is actually coming for your health insurance. - LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Marijuana is officially legal in our nation’s capital. Or as President Obama put it, “Clear some space, Michelle. Barry's getting his OWN garden!”- Jimmy Fallon

“It’s like Palm Springs without the riff-raff.” —Robert Mitchum, describing the L.A. county prison farm where he served two months for marijuana possession in 1949.

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Same-sex marriage bans went out of fashion quicker than Chris Christie.- LOLGOP

Hillary Clinton is receiving criticism after telling a crowd to “unlock their full potential,” because that line is commonly used by another possible candidate, Carly Fiorina. People said, “You can’t just steal someone’s slogan like that!” And Hillary said, “Yes we can!”- Jimmy Fallon

Business/Tech News

Net Neutrality is Big Government Overreach. When Jesus wrote the Constitution, he never intended the government to regulate the internet.- Tea Party Cat

Mainstream Media Ignoring Biggest Trade Agreement Ever!
Adding to the chorus of protest over President Obama’s push for a controversial new trade pact with Asia, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sounded off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and accused mainstream media of not covering what could be one of the biggest trade agreements in history.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Lake Pehoe, Patagonia, Chile.


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