Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Americans Rally Around The President As Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points Thanks To Netanyahu

Americans Rally Around The President As Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points Thanks To Netanyahu
Since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the U.S., President Obama’s approval rating has increased by 5 points in the Gallup poll.

"If you take out Saddam…I guarantee it will have enormous, positive reverberations on the region" - that other #BibiSpeech to Congress, 2002. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Ralph Kramden actually threatened to send Alice to the moon fewer times than Netanyahu has said Iran was about to get nuclear weapons. - LOLGOP

Meanwhile, Back In Paris There Are Drones Everywhere
Paris police on Wednesday said the public had reported around a dozen drone sightings over sensitive areas of the French capital -- the latest in a baffling series of overflights.

That awkward moment when Republicans question the President's patriotism and then outsource US foreign policy to Benjamin Netanyahu.- Tea Party Cat

How Far The Mighty Have Fallen
 Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified information, with the retired four-star general admitting to giving eight "black books" full of such data to a military mistress who was writing his biography.

We have unlimited funds for war with Iran, say Republicans, but can't afford to fix that shaky bridge your kid's school bus uses each day.- The Daily Edge Tweet

Republican Shenanigans

RNC chairman Reince Priebus criticized Joe Biden, saying that he can't control his mouth. That's kind of like someone trying to say the name "Reince Priebus," which sounds like a drunk person trying to say "rented Prius."- Jimmy Fallon

Conservatives Say The Poor Don't Deserve Tax Subsidies For Health Insurance
 The U.S. Supreme Court will consider on Wednesday a second major legal attack on President Barack Obama's healthcare law, with conservative challengers taking aim at a pivotal part of the statute that authorizes tax subsidies to help people afford insurance.

REPORT: Jeb Bush's campaign considering going with the slogan "Better at Email."- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Ferguson Police Still Mum On Internal Investigation
Seven months after one of its white officers fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old, the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department’s own findings of what transpired remain under wraps.

BREAKING: Netanyahu rejects Newsmax proposal to be photographed shirtless on a horse. - The Daily Edge Tweet

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Who Knew Hillary Was A Tech Head?
 The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton's official emails when she was secretary of state traced back to an residential Internet service registered to her family's home in Chappaqua, New York.

Internet records reviewed by The Associated Press disclosed the service registered to the Clinton home.

Business/Tech News

The latest ranking of the world's richest billionaires came out this morning. Bill Gates came in first with $79.2 billion. I feel bad for him. Can you imagine having that much money and you still don't have an iPhone 6?- Seth Myers

Meanwhile, Back In Egypt
Bulldozers push earth and dredgers spit mud round the clock at Egypt's Suez Canal in a race to quickly expand the strategic waterway for two-way traffic, a project trumpeted by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to revive both the country's damaged economy and visions of nationalist glory.

Taco Bell is testing a new product called “Cap’n Crunch Delights,” which are balls of sweet dough, covered in crushed Cap’n Crunch cereal, and filled with a “milk icing” — you know, Mexican food.- Seth Myers



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Breathtaking Pamukkale Thermal Pools,Turkey.


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