Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Party of NO

A weakened President Barack Obama and emboldened Republican leaders in Congress began adjusting to a new political dynamic Wednesday after voters coast to coast used the midterm elections to sharpen the dividing lines in an already divided government.

It's all over, folks. The American public put the Republicans back in power, through the
GOP crafty voting mechanisms and the media. 

I wish I could think of something clever and funny to say to soothe our pain.

In a few short years the damage that will be done by the Republicans will bring the US to its knees.
Obama saved this country singlehandedly, with NO help from the party of NO since 2009. 

Any Republican will win the presidency. The votes aren't ours anymore.

We've been Koched.

The only thing Democrats turned blue yesterday was me :(  - LOLGOP

All we can do now is watch and wait.

Peace? Forget about it.


  1. Evidently the American voter is even stupider than I thought. The nut cases have taken over the asylum. God help us all!

    1. Yes, may God help us all, Eileen.

    2. Stay Calm and SMILE!... For all their gains last night, the republiCON maggots didn't get what they really wanted the most - Power to Over-Ride Presidential Vetoes!!!...