Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'm am so glad that I have All Hat No Cattle to come home to and share my adventures of the day.

My ride picked me up at 6am. My girlfriend had a day off and knew I needed to go to Santa Cruz to visit a doctor for a routine checkup. So off we went.

We arrived about 6:45am. Not much is open at that early hour so we swung by our favorite empanada stand which was open and chowed down our breakfast. Empanadas are a pastry filled treat. Ours was filled with chicken and rice and several squirts of homemade hot sauce.

Great, just what the doctor ordered! They cost about $1 apiece.

The doctor was open at 7:30am and we moseyed over there after we filled our stomachs with another empanada, this time filled with potatoes.

I had blood tests and a nice conversation with the doctor.

The next step was to drop off my blood samples to the lab, visit Seguro Social for some paperwork, then it was time for lunch and grocery shopping.

Walmart bought out a chain of stores here called PALI, which is a discount grocery store. They also began opening several MAXI PALI's, which is the Costa Rican version of a Walmart Super Center. Oh my God, it is truly discount and the bakery and vegetables are fabulous and affordable. Actually, everything is priced so low. My girlfriend bought a full cart of food and only spent $60....normally she would have spent $90 at her local grocery store. I was thrilled with the fresh french bread and coffee 1/3 less than I normally pay.

The only downside was we spent as much time waiting in line to pay, as we did shopping.

So, by the time I arrived back home, I was exhausted and needed to spend time with my translator to read me my medical instructions, which I did.

Once that was over, I opened my laptop and began writing this to you.

I will be back online tomorrow, on Friday, October 17, 2014 with a new edition.

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

Thank you to John, Joe and Michael who all kicked in for a backup 'puter for me! Big hugs. I now have $60 towards a backup.


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