Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Waste, fraud and abuse commonplace in Iraq reconstruction effort

Waste, fraud and abuse commonplace in Iraq reconstruction effort
After U.S. and allied warplanes destroyed a key bridge carrying 15 oil and gas pipelines in northern Iraq during the 2003 conflict there, officials in Washington and Baghdad made its postwar reconstruction a top priority. But instead of spending two months to rebuild the span over the Tigris River at an estimated cost of $5 million, they decided for security reasons to bury the pipelines beneath it, at an estimated cost more than five times greater.

Dick Cheney to meet with House Republicans today to coordinate how to blame Obama for the situation in Iraq.- Top Conservative Cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

I'd like to remind my Christian anti-alcohol friends - in the Bible, Jesus is the leading cause of drinking at parties.- John Fugelsang

Putin Flexing His Missiles
 Russia carried out a successful test of its new Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile on Wednesday and will perform two more test launches in October and November, the head of its naval forces said.

After the House GOP heard from Dick Cheney on Iraq, Donald Trump gave them a few pointers on avoiding bankruptcy and protecting marriage.- LOLGOP

French Are On Board Against ISIS
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Wednesday that France was prepared to take part in air strikes on Islamic extremists in Iraq “if necessary.”

Republican Shenanigans

If there were a person named "Enron," he would still be prominent in the GOP and called on to give speeches about business ethics.- LOLGOP

Ted Cruz Puts The Cray Cray In Crazy
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels could be thrown in jail if a Constitutional amendment on campaign finance is passed.

Fear of Frisbees?
A Texas man was charged with assault this week after he opened fire at a teen who was trying to retrieve a Frisbee disc that landed in his yard.

Obama lacks the bold leadership needed to attack ISIS by invading Venezuela. - JC Xtian

Prince William and his bride are expecting her second baby. That's pretty quick for Kate to have a second baby. It's almost as if producing an heir is her job.- Craig Ferguson

Rock The Voter News

Today Trump Entertainment Resorts declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Or as Donald Trump described Chapter 11, “back-to-back No. 1's.”- Conan O'Brien

Air Force Atheist Denied Re-Enlistment
The US Air Force has told a sergeant he will have to leave the military unless he agrees to take an oath with the phrase “so help me God,” officials said Tuesday.

In the latest religious controversy to roil the air force, the atheist airman last month was denied his request to re-enlist because of his refusal to swear to God — and he is now poised to take the military to court, his lawyer said.

Apple Watch? Ha! I'm waiting for GOP Watch, the only watch that goes backwards to the 1950s. -Top Conservative Cat

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Statistics show domestic violence kills more people than wars, though we can change that if we start all the wars John McCain is asking for.- Top Conservative Cat

Don't Worry, It's All Good Under That Earthquake Prone Nuclear Power Plant
 A top Nuclear Regulatory Commission official has rejected a federal expert's recommendation to shut down California's last operating nuclear power plant until it can determine whether its reactors can withstand powerful shaking from nearby earthquake faults.

Business/Tech News

I hear the Apple Watch can tell precisely how many seconds it's been since your last meaningful interaction with a real human!- Stephen Colbert

Apple Stock Bitten
Excitement and disappointment over Apple's new products sent its stock on a roller coaster ride Tuesday as investors reacted to a bevy of announcements...Apple's stock ended down just 0.4% after a volatile day during which the view on Wall Street 

Apple announced the iPhone 6 today, which they say has a more durable screen that won't crack or scratch as easily. Or as your kids put it, “Challenge accepted!” -Jimmy Fallon



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