Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shortened edition today


Today is just an itty bitty edition. But I just had to comment on Benghazi Battle updates and Monica Lewinsky. I need rest, and someone to ice me down!


The real reason for that new GOP Benghazi probe

When he announced the creation of a new select House committee to investigate Benghazi, Speaker John Boehner claimed it was necessary in the wake of the disclosure of a new smoking-gun email that showed new levels of stone-walling from the Obama administration.
But what if the new committee was more a response to a failure on the part of House GOP investigators to find any real smoking gun?

Find me a Republican who isn't fundraising off Benghazi.- LOLGOP


Monica Lewinsky Returns

Monica Lewinsky writes in Vanity Fair for the first time about her affair with President Clinton: “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She also says: “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

Monica Lewinsky arrives just in time to remind us Republicans waste millions investigating BS.- LOLGOP

“It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” - Monica Lewinsky

GOP and Democrats Agree On Something. Oy Vay!

A state Senator’s blog post likening the insurance requirement under President Barack Obama’s health care law to the forced deportation of Jews during the Holocaust drew swift condemnation Monday from leaders of both parties in Tennessee.

It's not like Republicans are reminding people that they impeached a president over nothing then lied America into war, decline & torture.- LOLGOP

You Can't Fix Stupid.

An 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy was shot dead over the weekend when his uncle was showing off a number of guns that he thought were unloaded, and pointed one with a laser sight at the child’s forehead.

On this Teacher Appreciation Day, let's remember that Republicans trust teachers with guns but not with a union.- LOLGOP

What Great News! Finally!

The United States offered Tuesday to send a team of experts to Nigeria to help find more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls amid a wave of outrage over their abduction.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made the offer in a phone call to Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, who welcomed it, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

What's amazing is that Republicans think Benghazi and Lewinsky are winning issues even after losing elections with both.- LOLGOP

Climate is like the deficit. Republicans will leave it to a Democratic president to clean it up and blame her for not doing it fast enough.- LOLGOP

Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day. Well, at least according to a man being dragged away in handcuffs.- Seth Myers



Time To Deflate


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